Recently a friend and I talked about our pasts. I explained how I had been sober for over 20 years. He said you too? Then shared how he had made it a year. We agreed we didn’t miss the alcohol or old lifestyles, like staying out until 3 a.m.

We both wished we knew then, what we know now. Getting older puts things in a new light (Job 12:12.) What we valued in our youth, seem childish as we get older.

Later I headed downtown for lunch. As I drove past my old party hangouts, my heart sank as I watched the younger crowds walk the strip of bars and clubs. When I was younger I believed the lie you had to fit in if you want love.

Hindsight is 20/20; age is a vital lens to a mature perspective.

How many times have you said, “You wish you could go back and change something?” When we mature, life gives us a different P.O.V. For that I am thankful!


P. O.V. means point of view. There are three basic types of P.O.V.: first, second and third person:

• First person is written from the (I) perspective. It is who the action is about.

• Second person is what another person sees about another (you) perspective. Like a witness, not to us.

• Third person is the view of a person not involved in the situation; it is the (he, she or they) perspective.

Everyone has a different perspective, sometimes they change over a period of time, in writing this is called a character arc and this takes place over time, it is the journey from point A to point B.

Typically, this occurs as we get older, for me it started when I died. It’s a natural result when people get saved. My life has changed since God redeemed me.

Normally, the change is involuntary. I can still remember when I wrote my first story in seventh grade and saw it printed with my doodles in a school publication.

Before then I wanted to be an astronaut. But, God had His own plans. And He is still writing my story. At this point in my life I am finally comfortable being who I’m meant to be, I was born this way. I don’t have to fit in.

At this year’s Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers 'Conference, I saw it is okay to be different. I’m just being me and you be you.

I met writers with different styles and different stories than mine. I realized how unique my perspective is, because that’s how God made me. God gets the glory when we become who He wants us to be (John 14:12-13.) Not just chase our dreams.

Like when I was out partying like a rebel. His perspective lasts because He is omniscient. His perspective is supreme.


Perspective is, “the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.” There are three sides (perspectives) to every story: yours, mine (I) and the truth (God). Our sin nature blurs our perspectives, we are gracefully broken.

God is sovereign; His perspective is the only one that is true—it is endless—it lasts forever (Deuteronomy 32:40, 33:27; Psalm 103:12; Revelation 1:8.) He is love and has the best P.O.V.